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Matthew Nelson

ESL Communication Trainer

My name is Matthew Nelson and I'm an ESL Communication Trainer with 23,000+ hours experience. I have assisted hundreds of students to achieve their educational & personal goals since 2007.

I specialize in developing general, social & professional-level oral communication skills. Pronunciation therapy, spoken grammar revision, vocabulary enhancement & boosting confidence are the key inclusions and you will also be provided with a feedback and personalized example page each day which can be utilized as practical self-study material and progress indicator.
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I can intensively discuss most topics without boundaries, therefore particular topics that you would like to focus on for vocabulary accumulation relevant to your major, career or in preparation for IELTS can be requested. A combination of freestyle conversation and set topics is encouraged.

You will always be given the option to receive written grammar and vocabulary focused homework. All homework provided is personalized to suit your needs and categorized within your interests. Written homework will give you the opportunity to learn new structures, patterns, vocabulary and improve your overall written English skills. 

If you desire to become a confident & fluent English speaker, get in touch with me anytime to arrange your first session. I offer practical and affordable one-on-one, two-on-one & three-on-one lessons with guaranteed comprehensive results daily from 8am-8pm. AUD, CNY, EUR, HKD, JPY, KRW, SGD, TWD & USD are accepted by cash, bank transfer, paypal & payoneer.

1 x One-on-One Lessons

3 x One-on-One Lessons

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1 x Two-on-One Lessons

3 x Two-on-One Lessons

5 x Two-on-One Lessons

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3 x Three-on-One Lessons

5 x Three-on-One Lessons