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English & Mandarin Language Solutions

Matthew Nelson

ESL/IELTS Consultant & Translation/Assessment Editor

I specialise in the development of general, social & professional-level communication skills, and have assisted hundreds of students to achieve their educational, business & personal goals since 2007. With over 40,000 hours of experience coaching ESL communication and IELTS, I guarantee rapid results in a casual, yet highly productive setting in Brisbane City.

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Teddian HOU

Mandarin Tutor & Translator

I am a native Mandarin speaker from Taiwan, highly proficient in English, and have been tutoring & translating both languages since 2020. As a QUT master's of marketing graduate, my translation services are particularly appropriate, although not limited to, advertising and business purposes online, over the phone, and in person in Brisbane CBD.

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ESL Communication Sessions

IELTS Speaking/Writing Sessions

Writing Revision Sessions/Edits

Chinese Translation Services

Mandarin Foundation Sessions


From $40

One-on-One Session

90 minutes (minimum 5 sessions)

All 1:1 Tuition Pricing

From $60

Two-on-One Session

90 minutes (minimum 5 sessions)

All 2:1 Tuition Pricing

From $0.05

Revised/Translated Word

revision/translation (minimum 150 words)

All Editorial Pricing